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Why amazon uses ClearForMe to create its new recommendation program.

Simple: even the largest marketplace on the planet doesn’t have our breadth or depth of ingredient and attribute information. 

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Largest ingredient database in the world

2 million ingredients

Created Ulta’s Conscious Beauty program

Our recommendation: give the best recommendation

While other companies offer recommendations by interest, price point, brand, and product category, 
only ClearForMe leverages more data to get more personal:


The difference is Clear.

Go beyond upselling.

ClearForMe leverages exclusive ingredient information, along with past purchases, geographic region, and more, to create unlimited sales opportunities.

Upsell, cross-sell, and broaden:

Combine past purchase history with proprietary ingredient data to upsell, cross-sell, and expand to recommend an entire routine

How it works

Create chat that’s more than talk:

Replace fixed decision tree quizzes with conversation that infers information about the customer's needs to make value-added recommendations.


Personalized marketing:

Generate personalized marketing communications based on products that share a common ingredient or attribute denominator, as well as previous purchases.


The benefits:

Increased sales and revenue
Enhanced user experience
customer loyalty
Optimized data insights

Get more personal. Get more sales.

Get ClearForMe. See it in action.

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